5 Reasons to Meditiate Today

The benefits of meditation stretch far beyond mental health. There are thousands of studies documenting the health benefits of meditation and mindfulness. Read on to uncover the science behind adding meditation into your daily routine. All it takes is 5 minutes of meditation 1-2 times per day!

  1. Mediation can do amazing things for your body including lower your blood pressure, reduce your risk of heart disease, and strengthen your immune system.
  2. Meditation can sharpen your mind by improving your focus, concentration, and attention to detail.
  3. Regular meditation can make you happier by increasing your melatonin production, which improves your mood and helps with depression and anxiety.
  4. Mediation can improve your sleep. Experts show that daily devoted meditation time can even help insomniacs battle their lack of sleep.
  5. Meditation will help reduce your stress levels, making you a happier person both inside and out.

So how exactly do I meditate?

It’s simple! If you’re currently breathing, you’re already half-way there! All you have to do now is take long deep breathes and try to clear your mind from the thoughts running through it. A great way to do this is by repeating a mantra silently in your head. This can be any word or phrase that has meaning to you that is soft, gentle, and relaxed. Your mantra should help keep your mind from running wild and help you progress in your meditation practice. 

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