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CREATION Health Spotlight: Katrina Collins

Katrina Collins – Director, Patient Access at FHMMC

From Pushing Through to Having Peace

My name is Katrina and I’m from a small town outside of Gainesville Florida called Alachua. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a strong desire to work at Florida Hospital, and thus my journey with this awesome organization began 12 years ago.

I struggled with my weight throughout my younger years and it carried over into adulthood.  I didn’t realize until much later that this was the result of being an “emotional eater.” When I was faced with trying to juggle work, school, family illness and the death of a brother and sister to cancer, I found that I didn’t manage stress as well as I thought.  Instead I bottled it up on the inside, wore a smile on the outside and ate to deal with any discomfort that I felt.


The Start

1)      What was life like before CREATION Health/ Change Your Life with Florida Hospital? What areas were you struggling in? 

There were several areas in which I struggled.  I had a poor diet with little to no physical activity.  I didn’t rest very much because my mind was always racing and I always felt that I was in a rush to do everything.  And quite honestly, I had a lot of trust issues, which is why I wouldn’t open up and discuss what was truly bothering me.


2)      How did you hear about CREATION Health/ Change Your Life with Florida Hospital? What were your initial thoughts? (Honesty is encouraged ) 

I heard about CREATION Health a few years back when I was employed with Florida Hospital Orlando; I think it was just taking off at that time.  Initially I didn’t give it any serious consideration and just thought it was something else the organization was starting and that it wasn’t necessary for me to really explore at that time.


Turning Point: Motivation

1)      Why did you start? What spoke to you about CREATION Health/ Change Your Life with Florida Hospital?

I started to take CREATION Health seriously here at FHMMC when we made it a true focus in Leadership.  As I began to listen more intently about it, I realized there was more benefit to it than what I gave credit.  Also, I was at a point in life where I knew I needed to change for my health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


2)      Which one of the letters in CREATION Health did you start with and why? 

I would start at the beginning with the letter ‘C’ because for me, it all started with making better choices; whether that choice was hard or easy, I had to take the initial step.


The Journey

1)      How did you start? 

I started out by changing my diet and incorporating exercise into my weekly routine.  I figured if I could at least do 30 minutes a day, for a minimum of 3 days per week that it would be some form of progress.  I started keeping a log of what I ate to hold myself accountable.  I had to make a choice to stop stressing over the things that I couldn’t control and I had to choose to remove the things from my life that were causing the greatest amount of stress.


2)      High points? What have been the really good times through this process?  

Exploring new processes to incorporate into my life have been the high points.  I’ve adopted a new philosophy on getting rest from a co-worker and I’ve set aside specific times and days of the week to just simply rest.  From there I can focus more clearly and my outlook is more positive because I’m not frazzled.  Finally, losing weight through making better food choices and exercise.


3)      Struggles? What have been the hard parts of this process? 

Remaining consistent and not falling back into old habits.


4)      Keys to stay on track? What has kept you moving forward towards your goal? 

Setting specific goals and sharing those with my friends and team who support me; they help to keep me accountable.  My health has kept me going at working towards my goals and wanting to maintain the level of peace that I’ve been able to reach.



1)      What have the results been so far? Where are you now on your health journey? 

I am a third of the way to my weight loss goal.  When I find myself wanting to binge on unhealthy foods, I’ve been able to go back and figure out why, as I know there is normally an emotional reason linked to it.  From there I can try to resolve the real issue.  And I have a more positive outlook on life in understanding that I have a true choice in my destiny.


2)      What have you learned?

I have learned to give careful consideration to my commitments because the outcome will impact every letter in CREATION.


3)      Changes made? 

I’ve made changes to certain parts of my environment to help me be more calm and peaceful.


4)      Next goal? What is the next letter in CREATION health that you want to work on next? 

‘T’ for trust since this is still an area of struggle for me.


What Worked For Me

1)      Tips to others –

Share your goals with the people who truly support you so that they can help keep you on track.


2)       Motivation –

Making better choices regarding my nutrition and exercise have motivated me because I feel better in my body and I’m not always tired and sluggish.


3)      Anything you want to add –

Make small changes to your everyday routine and eventually you’ll have healthier habits that will come naturally.


4)      What has Creation Health/ Change Your Life with Florida Hospital meant to you? 

This has shown me that by making incremental changes to these areas in my life that I’m happier and healthier.


CREATION® Health is brought to you by Change Your Life with Florida Hospital