Stress-Free Holiday Season from Start to Finish

Holiday survival tips to ensure you and your family have the happiest, most relaxed holiday season yet!

Prepare weekly menus and meals.

Being prepared ensures success for healthy eating. Pick a day (for example, Sundays) as your “meal prep” day. Plan a week long menu, go to the grocery store, get everything you need for the week, come home, and get to cooking! Separate out snacks into individual bags, and containers that can be used for “grab-and-go”.

 Schedule workout times like appointments.

Your health is the most important thing you have. Don’t try to save time by skipping out on the gym. If you leave workouts for “whenever you have time” then chances are you will rarely find yourself sweating it out at the gym. Take out your calendar and schedule gym appointments.

Offer to help the host.

By bringing a healthy dish or two to holiday parties you are ensuring there will be something at the party you can eat guilt-free

Skip the sugary “mocha-peppermint-gingerbread” latte.

These drinks ARE delicious. They are also full of preservatives, empty calories, and the inflammatory culprit- SUGAR. Stick to regular coffee or green tea if you need your daily caffeine boost. More importantly, DRINK MORE WATER.

 Focus on positive choices.

One bad meal or skipped workout isn’t a deal breaker that will send you spiraling downward. KEEP GOING. Just try to avoid making the same mistakes twice. If you skip a workout because you need to catch up on some holiday shopping, then just schedule a little longer gym “appointment” next time or try an at home interval workout.