Change Your Life Challenge

Ever heard of the Blue Zones?

The Blue Zones are a study conducted with researchers around the world and National Geographic to discover where the healthiest people in the world live and what they have in common. These people  have the least lifestyle related diseases ( heart disease, diabetes, dementia, etc…) and live the longest, fullest lives – still traveling, working, playing with grandkids, etc… well into their advanced years. (Even at 100 years old!)

After much study, what makes these people different from the rest of us are these 8 key areas. CREATION Health stands for these 8 key areas:

Change Your Life with Florida Hospital℠ was created to promote fun & social ways of how to live and improve in these 8 areas in our daily lives.

  • We make it manageable,
  • We make it practical,
  • We make it FUN !!!

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