Choice is the first step toward improved health. Making healthy choices is the key to lifestyle improvements. Choice gives you the control to accept responsibility for optimum health and vital longevity.


Rest is the calm that refreshes you. Rest relaxes, re-energizes, and rejuvenates your body. Rest is a good night's sleep, taking time to relax during the day and taking one day a week to just "be".


Environment is what lies outside our bodies yet effects what takes place inside us. Sights. Smells. And sounds. Research proves not only the importance of our larger natural environment to health, but also our personal environment.


Activity includes stretching, muscle development and aerobic activity. People who are active physically, mentally and spiritually are more alert, healthy, calm and live longer.


Trust enriches every facet of your life. Your faith, beliefs and hopes all affect your wellness and longevity. Without trust we struggle alone. With trust we thrive with the help of our spiritual partnerships.

Interpersonal Relationships

Interpersonal Relationships are important to your wellbeing. Celebrate your friends and family; knowing you have the support of others can contribute to improved health.


Outlook colors your perspective on life. A positive outlook attracts positive people. The influence of the mind on the body suggests that attitude does influence your health and can even impact the progression of disease.


Nutrition is the fuel that drives your whole system. Take time to evaluate your food intake remembering that even small improvements toward a healthier diet, made regularly, will make a big difference over time.